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THAT SOUND VIDEO 1 Elements of That Sound

THAT SOUND VIDEO 2 The gear we use

THAT SOUND VIDEO 4 Playing the tunes

THE SHADOWS ECHOES...From Then To Now_by Paul Rossiter





CARRY ME HOME_by GaryTaylor

ISLE OF CAPRI_by Gary Taylor

BIG SWELL_by Martin Cilia

FLINGEL BUNT_by Gary, Paul and Spike

Gear Used for The Frightened City & F.B.I

TVS3 echo unit

Japanese Fender 62 reissue 57/62 pups

Shure SM57 microphone

Vox AC15 Clone Amp

UB Hank Backing Tracks

Canon MV530i Camcorder

No Equalisation used.


1. Petite Fleur__ TVS2____________Performed by Gary Taylor

2. Peace Pipe__TVS3_____________Performed by Gary Taylor

3. Big Boy__ TVS2_______________Performed by Gary Taylor

4. F.B.I. STEREO MIX TVS3_2004 American Strat_Paul's AC15 Clone.

5. Las Tres Carabellas(starts after 5 secs.)__TVS2_____Performed by Spike

6. The Savage__TVS3______________Performed by Gary Taylor

7. Big Swell_TVS3______________Performed by Gary Taylor

8. Stardust_TVS3______________Performed by Gary Taylor

9. Sweet Dreams_TVS3_________Performed by Gary Taylor

10. Shadoogie_TVS3______________Performed by Gary Taylor

11. Isle of Capri_TVS3____________Performed by Gary Taylor

12. Constantly_TVS3_____________Performed by Gary Taylor

13. Tomahawk_TVS3_______Performed by Gary Taylor(BT is by Michael Mitchinson)

14. Round and Round_TVS3_______Performed by Paul

15. Frightened City____TVS3_AC15_____Performed by Gary Taylor

16. Atlantic Echo_TVS2_AC30__Performed by Spike(BT from The Atlantics "Flight of the Surf Guitar)

17. Foot Tapper_TVS3_Vinyl Version_________Performed by Paul Rossiter

18. Perfidia_TVS2_Laney VC30_________ Performed by Spike

19. Wonderful Land_AC15______Performed by Gary Taylor

20. Chatanooga Choo Choo____Performed by Gary Taylor

21. Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto___Performed by Gary Taylor

22. In The Shadows_Performed by Spike

23. Kon Tiki_TVS3_AC15__Performed by Gary Taylor

24 Cavatina_TVS2_LANEY VC30_Performed by Gary Taylor

25. Little Princess_TVS3_Pauls AC15_Performed by Gary Taylor

26. Sleepwalk_old version_TVS3_AC15_Performed by Gary Taylor

27. Theme For Young Lovers_TVS3_AC15_Performed by Gary Taylor

28. Man of Mystery_AC15_Performed by Gary Taylor

29. Atlantis_TVS3_AC15_Performed by Paul Rossiter

30. Walk Don't Run_TVS3_Clean Mode_Performed by Paul Rossiter on an Epiphone with P90 pups

31. If Tomorrow Never Comes_TVS3_Direct Input_No Amp_Performed by Gary Taylor

32. The Breeze & I_TVS3_FenderAmp used_Performed by Gary Taylor

33. Mustang_TVS3_Fender Amp_Performed by Paul Rossiter

34. Voice In The Wilderness_Main theme Solo_TVS3_Direct to PC by Gary. Tremelo guitar part_TVS3 via AC15 by Gary. Backing Track by Gary.

35. Welcome To MY World_TVS3_Gary Solo guitar and Tremelo part.Peter Korving Backing track.

36. Gonzales_TVS3_AC15_Paul Rossiter_ UB Hank BT

37. The Miracle_TVS3_AC15_Paul Rossiter

38. Riders_TVS3_direct recording_UB Hank BT_Gary Taylor

39. Take It To The Limit_ direct recording_BT by Simon Van Der Brugghen & Gary Taylor

40. Danny Boy_Gary Taylor_TVS direct to PC_BT by Gary Taylor

41. Beautiful Heart_Spike_TVS3_Laney Amp(miked)_BT by Tony Kiek(Sydney)

42. FORT KNOX_Spike_TVS3_Laney_BT by Dans Backing Tracks

43. Tennessee Waltz_Gary Taylor_TVS_BT_by Simon Van Der Brugghen & Gary Taylor

44. Smile_Gary Taylor

45. Shindig_Paul Rossiter_TVS3

46. Outsider_Gary Taylor_TVS3_Laney_Gary's Guitar

47. So Sad_Gary Taylor_TVS3_Laney_62 Fender_Neck P/U. Basic BT by Simon Van Der Brugghen. Rhythm harmonies and lead harmonies by Gary Taylor.

48. This Ol House_TVS1_Gary's guitar_BT was UB Hank

49. Living Doll_TVS3_AC15 Rossiter_Burns Guitar_BT created by Gary Taylor

50. Sacha_Fender, Boss GT Pedal, TVS3, Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, AC15 Clone amp_ Gary Taylor

51. Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me_Gary Taylor_Hank Marvin Signature strat__TVS3_AC15 clone_UB Hank BT

52. Quartermaster Stores_Gary Taylor_Paul's White Strat strat__TVS3_AC15 clone

53. Jessica_Gary Taylor_Casting A Shadow BT, 62 Guitar_TVS3_Laney VC30 amp

54. Second Street_Spike_BT(drums and bass Dans BT's, rhythm and extras Gary Taylor )_57 Jap. Reissue_TVS3_Laney VC30 amp.

55. Adios Muchachos_Gary_UB Hank BT_Pauls Guitar_TVS3_Vox AC15 Clone

56. The Stranger_Paul_Paul's guitar_TVS3_AC15 clone amp

57. Midnight_Gary_TVS3_AC15 clone amp_Pauls Guitar

58. Find Me A Golden Street_Paul_TVS3_AC15 clone amp_Pauls Guitar

59. The Boys_Paul_TVS3_AC15 clone amp_Pauls Guitar

60. The High and The Mighty_Gary_TVS3_AC15 clone amp_Pauls Guitar

61. Some Are Lonely_Spike_TVS3_Laney VC30_62 Japanese Fender reissue_Sound of The Shadows BT

62. Flight to Paradise_Spike_TVS3_Laney VC30_62 Japanese Fender reissue_Dan Madden BT

63. The Lost City_Gary_TVS3_AC15 clone amp_Burns Marvin_UB Hank Backing Track

64. Zambesi_Gary_TVS3_AC15 clone amp_Burns Marvin_UB Hank Backing Track

65. Somewhere_Gary_TVS1_Fender(Hank Marvin Signature)_direct to PC_plug in reverb_UB HANK backing track

66. Dance On_Gary_TVS3_Fender(Murky red guitar)_AC15 Clone amp_Roberto Pistolesi Backing Track.

67. Girl In Your Arms_Gary_TVS1_Fender_Gary Backing Track_no echo or amp used just reverb.

68. Yakety Axe_Gary_TVS1_Telecaster built by Peter White_Chet Backing Track - Minus Chet_no echo or amp. TVS1 into PC with Sans Amp plug in and Reverb.

69. Golden Earrings_SPIKE_TVS3_57 Japanese reissue. Ernie Lamprell Backing track. No amp used. Direct to Mixer(no EQ) >> PC. EQ plug in post mix.

70. Evening Glow_SPIKE_TVS3_57 Japanese reissue. Danny Madden Backing track. No amp used. Direct to Mixer(no EQ) >> PC. EQ plug in post mix.

71. Geronimo_Paul_TVS3_Paul's guitar_Paul's AC15 Vox Clone amp

72. It's Been a Blue Blue Day_Paul_TVS3_Paul's guitar_Paul's AC15 Vox Clone amp

73. What a Lovely Tune_Gary Taylor_TVS3_Paul's guitar_Paul's AC15 Vox Clone amp

74. What a Lovely Tune_PAUL'S VOICE_GARY ON LEAD_OZZIE VERSION_TVS3_Paul's guitar_Paul's AC15 Vox Clone amp

75. Argentina_Gary Taylor lead guitar_on Paul's guitar_on Paul's Fender Amp into Vox AC15 speaker.

76. Dance to the Guitar Man_Gary Taylor on Gary's guitar_Fender Amp plug in_no echo_just reverb.

77. Equinox_Gary Taylor_TVS3_UB HANK BT_AC15 clone.

78. Walking In The Air_Paul Rossiter_TVS3 operating in the clean mode, different echoes in the left, right and centre channels, no added reverb. AC15 clone. American Standard Strat. Backing track by the late Renato Vignocci: "Io Suono Shadows, Vol 6".

79. Apache_Gary TVS3_Ac15 Clone_2004 American Strat

80. Blue Star_Gary TVS3_Ac15 Clone_2004 American Strat

81. Janine_Gary TVS3_Ac15 Clone_2004 American Strat

82. FAREWELL TO CASABLANCA_Spike TVS3_LaneyVC30_1962 Jap Strat. Backing track by Danny Madden_Rhythm track added by Gary Taylor.

83. Stars Fell On Stockton_Paul_TVS3_AC15 Clone_2004 American Strat

84. 36-24-36_Paul_TVS3_Paul's guitar_Paul's AC15 Clone_2004 American Strat

85. Rise & Fall of Flingel Bunt_TVS3_Burns guitar_Paul's AC30 TB Clone.

86. Its a Mans World_TVS3_2004 American Strat_Paul's AC15 Clone.

87. Parisienne Walkways_Gary Fender Eric Clapton Strat. Boss Me-50 pedal, TVS3 with 410mSec delay(clean setting) Fender deluxe-reverb clone amp, Shure SM57 microphone.

88 Shazam_Paul_40th Anniversary Burns Marvin guitar_TVS3 echo unit_AC30 top boost clone amp_SM57 microphone.

89 Genie With The Light Brown Lamp_Gary_Burns Shadows Custom Signature guitar (middle/neck, middle)­_TVS3_AC30 top boost clone_SM57.

90 Santa Anna_Gary_Burns Shadows Custom Signature guitar­_TVS3_AC30 top boost clone_SM57.

91 Return to the Alamo_Gary_40th Anniversary Burns Marvin guitar (Hank's prototype)_TVS3 echo unit_AC30 top boost clone amp_SM57 microphone.

92 Les Girls_Paul_2004 American Strat, CS54 pu's (neck/bridge)_TVS3_Fender Deluxe Reverb clone (modified)_SM57.

93 TEMPTATION_Paul_40th Anniversary Burns Marvin (Hank's prototype, neck pu), TVS3, AC15 clone (top boost channel), SM57

94 FANDANGO_GARY_40th Anniversary Burns Marvin (Hank's prototype, neck pu), TVS3, AC15 clone (top boost channel), SM57

95 LONELY BULL_PAUL_40th Anniversary Burns Marvin (Hank's prototype, neck pu), TVS3, AC15 clone (top boost channel), SM57

96 MY RESISTENCE IS LOW_GARY...2004 AMERICAN STRAT, CS54 PICK UPS, TVS3, AC30 clone (top boost channel), SM57

97 HAPPY BIRTHDAY_PAUL...2004 AMERICAN STRAT, CS54 PICK UPS, TVS3, AC30 clone (top boost channel), SM57

98 BRAZIL_PAUL...2004 AMERICAN STRAT, CS54 PICK UPS, TVS3, AC30 clone (top boost channel), SM57


100. BACK HOME_GARY...2004 AMERICAN STRAT, CS54 PICK UPS, TVS3, AC30 clone (normal channel), SM57